Europe Rare Disease Summit 2024

Wednesday, February 14th, 2024

Madrid, Spain

Address: Hotel ILUNION Pío XII

The 2nd European Rare Disease Summit aims to explore important developments and issues in diagnosing and treating Rare Diseases in Europe. This will be done through a series of discussions and individual talks led by experts in the field. The event will also address the obstacles faced in ensuring prompt and fair availability of specialized medications, known as orphan drugs. Additionally, it will highlight European efforts in facilitating access, advancing research, and promoting innovative programs to enhance the well-being of patients with rare diseases.

The summit’s goals are:

  • Improving the diagnosis, treatment, and administration of rare diseases
  • Enhancing access to care, including orphan drugs and specialized treatments, for individuals with rare diseases
  • Promoting research and innovation to advance our understanding of rare diseases and develop new treatments
  • Raising awareness of rare diseases and their impact on individuals, families, and society
  • Advocating for policies and funding to support individuals with rare diseases, such as increased research funding and improved insurance coverage
  • Fostering collaboration and partnerships across stakeholders, including patients, caregivers, healthcare providers, researchers, industry, and policymakers, to improve outcomes for individuals with rare diseases.

Principal Topics

  • Government Plans
  • Access & Financing
  • Clinical Research and Innovation
  • Technology
  • Social & Patient



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